February 27, 2015


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Are you prepared?

In Canada, landfill sites produce about 27 million metric tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent in methane annually. Due to the significance of landfill gas, the Landfill Gas Regulations have been in effect since January 2009.

The Landfill Gas Regulations mandate the reduction of   Greenhouse Gas (GHG) from municipal solid waste landfills.

The regulations define:

  • Design requirements for landfill gas management systems
  • Methods for assessing landfill gas generation
  • Timelines and quantity targets for GHG reduction
  • Reporting requirements

Which landfills do these regulations apply to?

Landfills that accept municipal solid waste on or after January 1, 2009 with:

  • 100,000 tonnes or more of waste in place
  • 10,000 tonnes or more of waste disposal per year

How to comply?

HBHE can help you with the initial Landfill Gas Assessment, the preparation of the   Landfill Gas              Management Facilities Design Plan and annual reporting.

We provide training for operating staff to meet the challenges associated with the operation of a landfill gas system, and operational support to maximize efficiency of landfill gas collection.

Reducing risks, and mitigating Greenhouse Gas Emissions

We draw on three decades of experience to provide innovative, efficient, and practical solutions for design and operations

HBHE can help!

Modern technology provides many options for active and passive LFG collection, utilization, and methane destruction systems. However, landfill gas management is a very complex topic and the design and operation of landfill gas systems requires sound knowledge and co-operation between the design and operating teams.

We are experts in the design and operations for landfill gas management. We can help you develop and operate your landfill gas system to achieve the highest collection efficiency, while maintaining a safe work environment.

HBHE can help with:

  • Landfill Gas Assessment
  • Preparation of LFG Management Plans
  • Operational support for landfill gas systems
  • Audits of landfill gas collection systems
  • Preparation of operating manuals
  • Annual Reporting
  • Training for LFG System Operators

HBHE provides expertise for:

  • Development of Landfill Gas Management Facility Design Plans
  • Design of landfill gas collection systems
  • Landfill gas utilization facility design
  • Optimizing landfill gas collection systems
  • Waste treatment to reduce LFG generation