February 27, 2015


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We understand the waste management as a social and technical challenge.

Are you prepared?

The Landfill Criteria (LC) were updated Landfill Criteria came into effect in June 2016. The LC will be updated to requirements which meet state of the art design and landfill management including closure and post-closure. The LC will define targets for emission reduction and will include increased operating reportingrequirements.

These upcoming changes to the criteria will define:

Design standards and requirements

Operating and monitoring requirements

Reporting requirements

Closure post-closure requirements and liability

Landfill owners are required to conduct a Conformance Review and prepare an Upgrading Plan if needed. Site specific conditions may be subject to exceptions. These upgrade may have a significant impact on costs and tipping fees.

Does it apply to you?

All landfills in British Columbia including public and private landfills that receive municipal solid waste including:

New landfills

Lateral and vertical expansions of existing landfills

New active phases

Existing landfills


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How to comply!

To establish the design and operating parameters for a landfill site, applicable to the LC, a Conformance Review must be conducted.  An Upgrading Plan must be prepared, if needed. Requirements for site specific exceptions must be identified and justified for approval by the Ministry. Cost analysis on closure and post closure maintenance need to be updated on a regular basis to provide financial security.

HBHE can help!

We have more than 30 years of experience in landfill design and operations. Out unique experience either in design or operations provides us with a good understanding of the operational challenges for small and large facilities. We can help you to develop and operate your landfill in compliance with the LC in a most efficient manner.


HBHE can help with:

  • Landfill Criteria Conformance Review

  • Upgrading Plans

  • Landfill Operating Plans

  • Post Closure Cost Analysis / Life-Cycle Cost analysis

  • Reporting

  • Annual Reports