January 31, 2015


Helmut Blanken

HBHE understands waste management to be a technical and social challenge.

Recognizing the environmental impact and the long-term liability of landfills, the technology evolved from an “Out of Sight - Out of Mind” approach to highly engineered facilities.

Landfills are generating significant amounts of landfill gas and are the third largest polluter on Greenhouse Gas (GHG). Accordingly the Landfill Regulations became more and more stringent to deal with the landfill emissions, landfill gas, leachate, odour, nuisance and noise.

In order to provide a sustainable resource management the waste disposal in landfills must be minimized. Resource recovery through waste separation and treatment is the basis of a circular economy.

HBHE provides support in both design and operations of landfills, and waste handling facilities or waste management planning.

HBHE stands for innovation.

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