November 22, 2016



Mechanic Biological Treatment

The Mechanic Biological Treatment (MBT) was developed as an alternative to waste incineration.  In comparison to waste to Energy (WTE) the MBT provides the following advantages:

  • Lower capital and operational expenses
  • Higher degree of recycling (Fe, Plastic > 90%)
  • Higher flexibility towards variations in waste composition and waste quantities, achieved by using a modular system
  • Higher energy efficiency, based on metal recycling and utilization of high caloric Process Engineered Fuel (PEF)
  • “Decoupling” of waste treatment and energy production, and storability of PEF
  • Benefits existing industrial infrastructure by providing an alternative fuel source
  • Good public acceptance of projects completed to-date
  • Proven Technology with operating experience of more than 15 years.


Anaerobic Digestion In Vessel Composting (ADVIC)

 The ADIVC provides a comprehensive solution for the treatment of organic waste, generating energy and high quality compost. The ADIVC is an enclosed system with controlled leachate and airflow system to minimize emissions, in particular odour.

The refining of the compost with separation of heavy and light material provides a clean end product.